The Neighbour
Giving Circle

By pooling resources together in a giving community, the Neighbour Giving Circle supports socially excluded and at-risk youth in poor, dangerous communities via social change projects. These social change projects are intended to:

  • Create adult education programs for dropouts
  • Create employment opportunities through small businesses
  • Transform defeatist mindsets through value orientation and training
  • Re-integrate street children and at-risk youth through affordable housing projects

Ultimately, the Neighbour Giving Circle aims to integrate vulnerable persons on the fringes of our society through a variety of interactive programs:

Helping Hands to Hungry Mouths

Provides meals to young children in poor communities. These meals are packaged and delivered by youth from our other programs who engage in this project as volunteers to give back to their communities.

The Lifesaver Initiative

This initiative provides access to basic healthcare training and services as well as insurance programs. The program is supported through corporate donations and partnerships with healthcare organizations.

Operation Habitat

This program provides families with young children and teenagers with access to safe and affordable housing.

What is a Giving Circle?

A giving circle is a group of donors who are willing to make a consistent financial commitment over a long period or even past a lifetime to the giving circle. Members of the circle can also commit their time and/or expertise. Giving circles allow donors to leverage their assets by pooling their contributions to achieve a greater impact. Democratically arranged (through committees or board members), giving circles provide donors equal voice in deciding where their contributions go. In the process, donors connect and with their community.

Am I A Good Candidate for this Program?

  • Are you interested in ethical and responsible philanthropy?
  • Do you have more financial resources than you have time?
  • Do you want to improve the lives of poor and underserved youth?
  • Are you seeking like-minded people with whom to do so?