How we help and give support to the society and the needy

Project For Change

Support  an afterschool programme to bolster basic literacy interventions and  provide additional critical learning opportunities to students.

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Support the youth with entrepreneurship training and resources in order to maintain small and successful businesses, earn income and stay off the street.

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The Neighbour Giving Circle

Join a group of donors to support socially-excluded and at-risk youth in poor, dangerous communities via social change projects.

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Civic Engagements

It is the responsibility of every citizen of a country to know their civic rights and what to expect from the government in return. The Civic Education Pamphlet is a document that provides individuals with engaging information and facts on the civic responsibilities, virtues, citizenship and expectations of the Nigerian. 

The Civic Education Pamphlet will enlighten you on the following:

  • How to become a citizen of Nigeria
  • The obligation of a Citizen
  • Voter’s Education.
  • Rights as a Voter During General Elections.
  • Responsibilities as a Voter During General Elections.
  • About Nigeria Coat of Arms
  • & Much more