Your gifts of time, ideas, in-kind donations and funds help us fulfill our mission. Whether you pledge money, donate a computer, or throw us a fundraiser, you can help spread the word about Isọdọkan and connect us to the resources we need. Either way, our programs could use your support!

Support Project Change by becoming  a  professional or personal mentor for one of our students. Based on a student’s professional ambitions he/she is paired with a mentor in that particular field. We also have a personal mentorship program where children in our program are paired with a mentor who can be a more general role model.

Please fill our contact form below with the subject “Mentor”.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have expertise in Business development, project management or law? Would you like to help Kajse build better and stronger businesses? Please use our Contact Us form‘ to reach us. 

Perhaps you can’t commit all of the time it might require to become a mentor. Volunteer for one of our programs either to offer a workshop on a special skill or to chaperone our youth on a field trip. You can also volunteer through one of our partner organizations to help support our leadership and civics curriculum or one our financial literacy module.

Please fill our contact form below with the subject “Volunteer”.

Learn about the issues and become an informed activist. Read about the state of poverty, education and Nigeria’s development indicators. Share your thoughts on our Social Forum and raise awareness about the issues.

Please support our organisation with a donation.  Our youth will be grateful for your generousity. If you want to donate to a specific program, please indicate this in the remarks section of the paypal site. If you would like to support us as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility scheme, please use our ‘Contact Us‘ form to reach out or email us directly at 

*Please note that at present, all donations  support  our maiden project, Project Change.


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