1 in every 6 people lives in a slum and in Nigeria, that ratio is even higher. As the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos is home to many of the nation’s slum-dwellers, most of whom are under 25.  Street youth tend to be underemployed or unemployed and are often driven to homelessness by rapid urbanisation, population explosion and an unequal distribution of resources. 

Kajọse is Yoruba phrase meaning “Let’s work together” and describes our focus on developing agency among street youth with businesses by increasing their access to training and resources and empowering them to maintain small, successful businesses.  This allows them to be self-sufficient, avoid criminal lifestyles and possibly become leaders in their communities. 

Each business that Kajọse supports is reconfigured to increase demand for its products and reduce market risk. Participants receive training on the job so that they can continue to earn an income while learning new skills and increasing overall community wealth.  By increasing the agency of street youth through entrepreneurship, Kajọse impacts communities in a sustainable way. 

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